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What is Slader?

Slader is a user-generated academic platform for high school and college students. Our three main features are Solutions, Tutoring, and Q&A.

How do I activate my account?

Click on the link in the email you received after you registered. If you don’t see an email, please check your Spam folder. If you still did not receive the email, please double check that you registered with the correct email address.

What are solutions?

Our Solutions product offers millions of user-generated solutions in thousands of the most popular textbooks.

What is Q&A?

Q&A allows users to ask questions and provide answers for problems and concepts not found in textbooks.

What is tutoring?

Tutoring allows users to connect with their peers and help each other understand concepts using our online whiteboard and chat functionality.

Does Slader cost money?

Slader is always FREE to use! If you’d like to experience Slader without ads, then we allow that option here []. If you’d like to post a bounty, that will also cost you Slader gold. You can purchase gold here.

Textbooks, Solutions & Contributions

Why don’t you have my textbook?

We are always trying to add new books to Slader. If we don’t have your book you can request it here, and we will try to get it on the site as soon as we can!

Why don't you have solutions in my textbook?

All of our content is user-generated. We don’t generate any content in-house. Try adding a bounty for the textbook question using Slader gold. Bounties are usually solved very quickly.

I found my textbook but there is nothing there! How can I add solutions?

If there is no table of contents or pages that means we haven’t added the metadata for this book yet. Write us an email at if you’d like us to add a book’s metadata so that you can contribute solutions.

Can anyone submit a solution?

Yes! If you have registered an account and are signed in you can submit a textbook solution, ask a question, or participate in a tutoring sesh.

What are Slader Scholars? How can I become one?

Slader Scholars are Slader users who have contributed rock star solutions.

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN is a book’s unique identifying number. This number is 13-digits and is located above the bar code on the back cover of your textbook. It can also be found on the Edition Notice Page on one of the first pages of your textbook. The 13-digit ISBN looks like this:

Tutoring & Seshes

What is the difference between a Peer Sesh and a Friend Sesh?

Friend seshes are seshes that you can create and invite your peers to join; perfect for collaborating on a shared assignment. Whereas Peer seshes link you up with a random Slader user who has indicated that s/he can help you in the given subject.

Why are people asking me to tutor them!?

If you have the “Available to peer tutor” toggle switched to “Yes”, then you will see other users.


What is gold?

Gold is Slader’s on-site currency. Gold can be used to place a bounty.

How can I buy gold?

You can buy gold on your profile page here

How do I earn gold?

By solving bounties. You can access bounties here, and by writing solutions!

How do you determine which books and solutions earn upfront gold?

Our brilliant algorithm predicts which textbooks and textbook problems are most in-demand.

How can I redeem gold?

Gold can be redeemed via Paypal from this page You must have at least 10,000 gold to request a payout.

Where is my gold total displayed?

On your profile here

I don’t have PayPal, is there another way to receive payment?

If you absolutely cannot use PayPal, then we can draft a check in USD. This process may take at least 3 weeks to complete. Please email for more information.

Will I have to pay taxes on my Slader Gold earnings?

If you earn $650 or more over the calendar year, Slader will issue you a 1099 by January 31st.

I requested a payout but it is taking a long time to get my money. What gives?!

Payouts are manually processed by us at the very end of each month.


What are badges?

Badges are fun bonuses that showcase your achievements and contributions on Slader. EVERYONE LOVES BADGES! You can view them here


Does Slader have an app?

Yes! We have an iOS app you can download here.

We have an Android app you can download here.


What are the Star ratings?

A solution’s star allows users to quickly identify high-quality solutions and solutions that need a bit more work. Give a solution a star rating. If it is an excellent solution and has helped you, give it 5 stars. Only give incorrect solutions 1 star ratings.

Also: be nice. Don’t down-vote someone else’s solution and up-vote yours just to earn the top spot when the other solution is a-okay. Common courtesy folks! If you notice someone abusing the rating system, please let us know at


How do I LaTeX?

Check out our LaTeX guide here.


Who are the moderators?

Moderators are either Slader employees or highly trusted Slader users who have been vetted by the Slader team.

Offensive content, Harassment, Bullying

What if I see offensive content?

Report the offensive content by using the drop down arrow next to the content.

Academic Integrity

What if I think a solution is copied / stolen from somewhere else?

If you suspect a solution is stolen or copied from another source please report it to so we can investigate the issue.

What if a question is copied out of the textbook?

We do not allow any copyright material from a textbook to be reposted on Slader. Please notify us at if you see any copyright material posted.

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