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Contribution FAQS

Any other questions? Just email us at You get the drill ...

What if you don't have my textbook?

Have no fear, chap! Send an email with a few of solutions to whatever book you'd like added to the site and we'll ensure our wizards busta move and prove your amazingness with your textbook live on our site.

What subjects need solutions?

How do I contribute to Slader?

Check out our handy guide here!

How do I contribute to Slader?

You'll earn gold on a per solution basis. Gold is Slader's internal currency, but can be redeemed for cash via Paypal at anytime once you cross the $10 threshold. For most subjects, the going per solution rate is 500 gold. Some particularly challenging problems earn a higher gold amount of 1000 gold. 500 gold = $.50 and you're able to copy solution templates across multiple solutions for speedy solution writing!

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