A place for students and subject enthusiasts to share their knowledge and expertise with their peers; it's a study group based in the 21st century.

Live Tutoring

Tutoring on Slader provides users a platform to
chat and share concepts visually through images
and a live shared drawing board. Slader users
can request help from other students in the same
subject, host a tutoring session with friends
through a unique link, or choose a certified pro
tutor (who charges $$). Two brains are always
better than one.

Textbook Solutions

Slader features millions of solutions to the most
popular textbooks in the United States. All of the
homework solutions on Slader are written by the
Slader community. Anyone can contribute solutions to textbook problems, which are viewed and rated by the Slader community. Solutions are always free to view and we encourage contribution to the site in all productive forms.

Question and Answer

Slader's Q&A platform is where non-textbook
based questions in any subject can be asked and
answered. Asking questions and providing answers
benefit all users and makes the learning process
easier and more enjoyable.

Our Office

199 Lafayette St., Suite 3B, New York, NY

About the company

Slader started in 2010 and is based in New York City. We are fueled by espresso, disco tunes, and an enthusiasm for understanding what students and subject enthusiasts want out of the Slader platform. In the last year, over 10 million students utilized the Slader platform.

Work with us

We are a team of designers, engineers, data buffs, and math enthusiasts. If you’d like to contribute to Slader, write us a note and tell us what you do better than anyone else in the world. We are often looking for code wizards and content contributors, but maybe you have skills we didn’t even know we needed. You can reach us at:

The Team

Danny Blaise Peter Kyle Evan Scott Brandon Nikhil
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